All About Hanukkah

All About Hanukkah

This book and CD/cassette package is a perfect gift for young children. Margie and Ilene join forces with storyteller Peninah Schram to add to your Chanukah celebration.


1. The Story of Hanukkah
From All About Hanukkah
2. O Hanukkah - Words by F. Minkoff  
3. Candle Blessings  
4. Ma'oz Tzur (Rock of Ages)
Words by Mordecai Ben Isaac
5. Mattathias Bold
Words (c) Roz Grossman. Music (c) Gladys Gewirtz
6. Who Can Retell? - Words by Ben M. Edidin  
7. Chanukah, Chanukah - Words by Levin Kipnis  
8. Shine Little Candles
Adapted from Burn Little Candles by Ray M. Cook
9. Oco Kandelikas
Words and Music (c) Flory Jagoda
10. Dreidel Song
Words (c) Roz Grossman. Music (c) Gladys Gewirtz
11. Light One Candle
Written by Peter Yarrow (c) 1983 Silver Dawn Music (ASCAP)

Credits: All About Hanukkah (c) 1999 by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler
Story Narrated by Peninnah Schram (p) 1999
Guitar and Vocals by Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan (p) 1988
Chorus: Debra and Rachel Rosenthal, Arielle Rosenberg
Cover Art (c) 1999 Kinny Kreiswirth
Flute: Amir Yechiel
Recorded at: Rainbow Recording Studios, Portland, OR
Mastered for compact disc by Lion & Fox Recording, Alexandria, VA
Copyright (c) (p) 1994 by Sheera Recordings. All Rights Reserved.


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