Around the Shabbat Table

Around Our Shabbat Table

Award of Excellence - 1999 Parents' Guide to Children's Media
These Shabbat melodies from around the world will captivate, educate and delight the entire family. Recommended by Hadassah Magazine.

1. Shalom Aleichem - Traditional 
2. Candle Blessing - Traditional 
3. Erev Shabbat - S. Bas/Y. Valbe 
4. L'cha Dodi - Tradional 
5. Shabbat Bakfar - M. Shelem 
6. Ufros Alenu - Tradional/A. Hirshfeld 
7. Z'mirot Medley - Tradional 
8. L'cha Dodi - (Bluegrass style) Inspired by David Shneyer 
9. Shabbos Shabbos - Traditional 
10. Yedid Nefesh - Trandional/S. & E. Tzvaig 
11. Lichvod Hashabbat - Tradional/Chassidic
12. Yom Zeh L'Yisrael - Tradional
13. Hiney Ma Tov - Trandional
14. Hamavdil/Shavua Tov - Tradional

Credits: Banjo: Rick Braun; Clarinet: Manny Glass; Flute: Laurie Dunn ; Percussion: Galien Hegna; Keyboards: Ilene Safyan; Guitar and Vocals: Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan; Cover Art: Joyce Shields; Back Cover Art: Susan Bloom
Recorded at: Rainbow Recording, Portland, Oregon
Copyright © (p) 1994 by Sheera Recordings. All Rights Reserved.


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